About me

Building together today’s ambition and tomorrow’s success

Executive Director, Investor, Entrepreneur

Committed, passionate, Morgane discovered entrepreneurship while investing in startups. Accompany those who are “crazy” enough to take risks and build their dreams. Bringing them to the next level of success, especially with obstacles standing on their way is her mission. After fifteen years in mergers and acquisitions in international technology groups, she switched to entrepreneurship in 2010.
Agent of positive change, she combines experience and intuition with entrepreneurs’ vision and ambition to think outside the box and build entrepreneurial stories.
Convinced with Life Long Learning, she is an RSM EMBA an CNAM-PARIS DESCF (Master in Finance) graduate.

  • Investor: 12 start-ups, 6 of which have a societal impact
  • Executive Director
    • LoueUnManager (since 2019)
    • Augment (2016-18)
    • Semardel
  • Entrepreneur
    • Synerfia, strategy consulting firm for growth companies
    • FBA Solidaire: investment holding company with solidarity (17 shareholders)
  • Profesor
    • ESSEC Executive Education: Capital Investment to entrepreneurs’ program
    • Paris School of Business: Private Equity – Master 2 Entrepreneurship
    • DFCG – Due Diligence (capital transactions)
  • Mentor engagement
    • Femmes Business Angels (1st European network of women investors): board-member, evangelist of the place of women in investment
    • YUMP (Time2Start), excellence incubator for suburban high potential entrepreneurs
    • PWN: mentor of the Responsible Entrepreneur Award
    • Outremer Network: ambitious overseas entrepreneurs
  • Speaker
    • DFCG Summer University
    • Entrepreneurship Events
      • Osez La Banlieue (“Dare the Suburbs”)
      • Barcamp “Jeunesse Outremer” – Ministry of Outremer
      • Martinique Investment
      • Entrepreneurs Forum – French West Indies Bank


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